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Have a special event or birthday coming up?

Glimpse disposable cameras are perfect to leave around to your event for guest to take photos. These cameras can create some of the best memories, as these pictures can't be deleted straight away and takes a quick glimpse of the moment.

21st, 18th, Brand Launches, Weddings are such special moments and deserve it!

What you'll be getting in this event package.

  • 5 x Glimpse Disposable Camera's

Film – Kodak

Speed – 400 ISO

Exposures – 27

Flash – Built-in with On/Off Switch

Top Quality Batteries


  • 5x Development and Scanning: Sent digitally through email.
  • Customisable event signage to match your theme.

Turnaround time for these photos are about 1-3 days due to the volume of photo's*

*subject to change without notice- if order is already placed an email will be sent regarding any alteration of turnaround time.  

At Glimpse we pride ourselves by developing the best possible films.

Please state in the check out section whether you'll be dropping off or sending your film rolls.

Please also use the correct method of delivery.

For pick up orders: We're available Monday-Friday, an email will be sent to confirm pick up date/time.

For postal orders:  Please ensure you've click the correct shipping address to deliver these items.

To send film rolls:

A further email will be sent regarding the postal address. There are so many special memories in a film roll so we ask you to purchase either a bubble wrapped parcel package or purchase the size 1 postage included from NZ POST and wrap your films in either bubble wrap or newspaper.

(Please note: we are NOT liable for any damages during transit.)

To drop off:

We have two drop off locations:

  • Smokey Wheelz BBQ (Thursday-Sunday 11-8pm)

6/9 Cardiff Road, Pakuranga, 2010

The other drop off location is available Monday-Wednesday 11-5pm.

Please state in the checkout notes if you'd like to drop off during Monday-Wednesday. (Further email will be sent)

Please check out FAQ page for further information regarding the our processing and scanning.